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Bexy’s recognition for British Business Award adventure – Girl Power

I may not have come home with the trophy at the small British Business Awards but I am so proud of myself to have even reached the finals. It only struck me whilst I was there, the enormity of what I had achieved whilst being surrounded by the most amazing business people, who have been in the industry for years. I was the only woman nominated in our category and very few were present throughout the entire Award ceremony. However it was great to have the compere Kate Thornton, also a business entrepreneur sharing her journey and business with us.

The winner of the Best Micro Business was Handrail Creations which had a turnover in their first year of £400k. Wow, take off a few zeros and that is maybe where Bexy Boo was. But I realised it’s not all about the money and turnover. I was chosen for a whole host of different reasons. My originality in my design, the awards I had won last year, the trip to Downing Street where I supported the Northern Power house and  met the then, Rt Hon George Osbourne. Plus my drive and ambition to push a business forward as well as support a family was what I was most proud of. I haven’t done everything right, far from it, but it has been through my mistakes that I have grown as person and the business has thrived because of it. 

Click here to read the fabulous article written by The Greetings Today magazine. 

So fancy frocks have now been packed away and I am just thinking about Christmas and all the wonderful frivolities that go it. So may the fizz flow, the mince pies be munched and the pressie buying be successful.

Bye bye for now

Bexy x 

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