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Happy Holiday time

Well it’s that time of year again when the kids start to break up from school and the holiday season begins. I have to say I love the holidays. I love having the kids at home, running around the garden playing footie and bouncing on the trampoline. 

I feel so fortunate with being able to work from a Studio separate from home and believe I finally have the work life balance just about right. My children are that little bit older (Amelie is 13, Joby is 11 and Arlie Boo is 8) so in some respects can look after themselves but still need me around too. 

For the first time, Amelie is working for Bexy Boo by cello wrapping all the new range Amelie’s Zoodles, based around her original ideas. It’s fab to have her in the studio. I am trying to teach her the value of money so she is a busy bee saving up for some fancy acrylic nails and a Benefit mascara. 

We have also booked a very last minute super deal to Skiathos for 2 weeks in August which I cannot wait for. My batteries need charging and I really feel the need for some sunshine after what has been a pretty dreary Summer for us here.

So whilst I galavant off on my jollies, the girls will be holding the fort. 

So if you need anything at all, please contact us the usual way:

By phone: 01565 830 546

By email:

I will also be checking my emails if anything is urgent.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday time and see you again in the autumn. 


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