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We need you, to help us through

‘When dark clouds arrive keep going, blue sky is never far away’.

We are all trying to keep calm amidst the chaos of the pandemic and what is happening around us. You realise how vulnerable the balance of life is and the panic of not being in control sets in.

But let’s all take a moment to see what we can all do to help each other through the difficulties that lie ahead.

  1. Keep sending cards.

Our industry produces a beautiful product that creates a powerful connection between people. Let’s encourage everyone to do this more than ever especially to the vunerable and those that are having to now self isolate.

2) Open a bit earlier for the vunerable.

This could allow those that are isolated, a chance to shop where the contact with people will be at a minimum.

3) Push online sales

This is a time to look at your website and see if it is providing what the customer needs. My husband has a web developing company so anything you wish you talk about to push sales, SEO, brand presence, online sales then please contact Jonny.

4) Social Media

This is a great tool to let the public know what you are up to and that continue to be open for business. To encourage customers into your shops by showing all the fantastic products you stock, maybe do a special offer (ie discounts on soap) 

5) Visual communication

Offer your customers the option to FaceTime/ Skype/ WhatsApp/ Snapchat so you can show them around your shop, help choose gifts and pop them in the post. Or even just encourage conversation between us all.

6) …and above all, to look after ourselves.

We must continue to stay present and keep calm. I often try to stop and take a breath when I feel overwhelmed worrying over what may or may not happen. I plan on doing lots of walks in the spring sunshine and yoga too. What calms you and allows you that time to self preserve?


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