3rd June 2020

Letters from Lockdown

Since lockdown, it has forced us all to change dramatically over such a short space of time. Our beloved routines have stopped and changed and it has made us take a step back and review our future paths. Things we...

21st April 2020

We can do this standing on our heads

I seem to like being upside down recently. Apparently it’s good for wrinkles but I will have to let you know about that one. So how are you coping and are you managing to take some time for yourself?  It’s...

21st April 2020

Knutsford High Street dot com

    Well since my last Newsletter, wrapping our arms around the High Street has worked. My amazing sister Janna, who owns Boxed Red Marketing, has worked closely with the Knutsford Town Council and created a website where all the...

21st April 2020

This card is for you ‘because…’ – Isolation cards

With having had a recent birthday, I thought it would be great to receive a card specifically for lock down. I always keep my favourite cards and put them in a box under my bed, but when looking back in...

31st March 2020

…and PG Buzz too

Following on from a very exciting article written by the Knutsford Guardian this week, featuring me (please see previous blog to find out more) I was also mentioned in PG Buzz. This is a regular newsletter written by the magazine...

31st March 2020

I made it into the Knutsford Guardian

Wrapping our arms around the High Street was the reason why I drew this picture. I wanted everyone to embrace it with love and care and understand how important it is to our local community. After posting this drawing of...

16th March 2020

Bexy Boo Corona virus statement

What are WE doing amidst the chaos and worry? Working from home. As of today, all of my team, which consist of  3 lovely ladies; Mummy Carole, Peta and Toni, are now working from home to reduce the risk of...

16th March 2020

We need you, to help us through

‘When dark clouds arrive keep going, blue sky is never far away’. We are all trying to keep calm amidst the chaos of the pandemic and what is happening around us. You realise how vulnerable the balance of life is...

9th March 2020


        With 14 weeks of training, 56 runs and 249 miles ran, I am nearing the end of my Manchester Marathon training. 4 weeks until I cross that start line, I am getting excited to get going....

9th March 2020

Bexy Boo bends it like Beckham

I received the most exciting news last week when I learnt that THE David Beckham had received 2 of my ‘ Good Luck – Wear your lucky pants’ cards from his family Romeo, Cruz and Harper. David videoed all of...

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